Stork Sign Rentals

The value of our Stork yard sign rentals is comparable to a flower purchase, however, the effect is priceless!


Our stork sign rentals come in pink, or blue, and are perfect for a birth announcement or baby shower. 


Each stork comes with a personalized keepsake bundle to hang in the nursery after the rental is over. Traditional bundles are customized with the baby's first and middle names, weight, length, and birth date. However, we can easily customize the text to your preference. Pinwheels and an outdoor light are also provided. 


Prices include set-up and pick-up

Birth Announcement Storks

This stork sign rental is for newborns and comes with your choice of a blue, or pink stork, pinwheels, and a personalized keepsake bundle that stays with the parents. The keepsake bundle is a great feature for the nursery!


  • Five day outdoor stork rental with pinwheels and personalized keepsake bundle - $110

  • Seven day outdoor stork rental with pinwheels and personalized keepsake bundle - $135

  • Additional outdoor stork rentals with keepsake bundle for multiple births - $85 each

Sibling, Message & Dog Bone Signs

Our sibling and dog bone signs allow proud big brothers and sisters (furry children included) to join in the fun, while loved ones can send a special message. Your choice of a star, cloud, or dog bone. These are keepsake signs and stay with you at the end of the rental (these signs are only available with the rental of a stork).

  • Star, or dog bone sign - $30 each


Sibling sign examples:

  • Proud Big Brother/Sister (name).

  • (Name) is a Proud Big Brother (Sister).

  • (Name) welcomes home her/his baby sister/brother.


Dog bone sign examples:

  • (Name) is doggone proud.

  • (Name) Fetched a Baby sister/brother.


Message sign example:

  • We love you - Grandma & Grandpa

Baby Shower & Gender Reveal

Our outdoor storks make a great addition to a baby shower, or gender reveal. All of our baby bundles are customized to your occasion and are keepsakes.

  • 1 day baby shower/gender reveal rental with pinwheels and keepsake bundle - $85

Generic bundle ideas:

  • "The Shower is Here!"

  • "It's a Boy!"

  • "It's a Girl!"

  • "He or She, What Will Baby Be?"

  • "Blue or Pink, What Do You Think?"

Grandparent Stork

Don't forget to get the grandparents involved in the fun! Becoming a grandparent is a joyful occasion in life that is awaited with great anticipation. Delivering a Stork yard sign to proud grandparents helps celebrate and announce the birth of their grandchild to the loving community surrounding them. The grandparent's bundle is a keepsake, and is personalized just for them with your message.  

  • Grandparent's stork rental with pinwheels and personalized keepsake bundle - $110


A few generic bundle ideas:

  • “It’s A Grandson!”

  • “It’s A Granddaughter!”

  • “Proud Grandparents Live Here!”